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Having your first baby? Positive results start here!


What is Nurse Family Partnership?

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) provides first-time parents with a FREE personal nurse who comes to you with support, advice, and resources to help you have a healthy pregnancy, birth, and start to your new family.

Who Qualifies?

NFP is available to parents of all ages, gender identities, and immigration statuses.  To qualify you must:

  • Be having your first baby

  • Be less than 28 weeks pregnant (the sooner the better!)

  • Live in Delaware

  • Meet income requirements

How Does It Work?

  • You sign up - we'll contact you to explain the program and set up a first meeting

  • You choose to enroll - the program is 100% voluntary.

  • You get a personal nurse - who is registered, trained and you can count on.

  • Your nurse comes to you - meeting you at the times and places it works best for you.

  • You get support - throughout your pregnancy and until your baby turns two years old.

What Kind of Support Will I Get?

Your nurse’s job is to be a safe and trusted person to answer your questions about pregnancy and parenting, offer ways to encourage your baby’s development, and cheer you on in reaching your life goals.

Guidance to have a healthy pregnancy

  • Learn healthy ways to care for yourself and your baby 

  • Help you understand danger signs and risks 

  • Prepare you for what to expect during labor and delivery

Skills to be a confident parent

  • Show you how to feed, bath and put your baby safely to sleep 

  • Teach you how to help your baby learn and grow

  • Support your choice of feeding and help you with breastfeeding

​Resources to build your future

  • Get you connected to healthcare, childcare, and other community supports

  • Encourage your education and job skill development

  • Set goals for your family's future and find ways to help you reach them


Frequently Asked Questions?

Do I need insurance?

No! You do not need to have health insurance to qualify or participate in the program. In fact, if you don't we'll help you with referrals and connections.

Are the visits always on the same day and time?

No! We understand that things change and offer flexible scheduling, so you can choose when, where and for what length of time you’d like to see your nurse for each visit.

Is this just for teen moms?

No! NFP is for ALL first-time parents as long as they are less than 28 weeks pregnant, live in Delaware, and meet income requirements. There is no age, gender, identity, or immigration status requirement.

Does being pregnant before mean I don't qualify? 

No! To qualify your current pregnancy must be your first live birth. If you have been pregnant before but did not carry the baby to term you still qualify.

Do you have nurses that speak languages other than English?

YES! We offer multi-lingual nurses and interpreters in all languages.

Is my nurse going to tell me what to do?

No! Your nurse is not there to tell you how to parent your child. They are there to support you in your parenting decisions by providing you with current information while still encouraging you to make your own choices.

Do I have to meet in my home?

No! Although meeting in your home is best your nurse will meet you in a public location if that is more comfortable for you. We have done visits in parks, fast-food restaurants, libraries and more.

Can I have my partner or other support people with me?

YES! We encourage partners and family members to participate. Your nurse is not there to replace anyone in your life. She is there to encourage you and ensure you have lots of support!

Do I have to stay in the program until my baby is two?

No! NFP is completely voluntary. You can leave the program at any time without it affecting any other benefits. We know it seems like a long time, but we find that once our moms start, they want to stay in the program.


Seeking More Information? Need To Talk To Someone?

Give us a call at 302-604-6301 or 800-220-3092

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