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  • April 29, 2023 | 10:00 PM
    760 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA
  • May 20, 2023 | 1:00 PM
    760 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA
  • July 20, 2023 | 9:30 PM
    1001 Rockland Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803, USA
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  • tasteartist | cffde

    2023 Artist Information Guidelines and application for the 2023 A Taste for Art event Event Details SATURDAY, APRIL 29th, 2023 6:00pm VIP Reception 7:00pm Main Event Riverfront Events 706 Justison Street, Wilmington, DE About The Event Artist Application 100% of net proceeds benefit Children & Families First Artist Guidelines How do I apply? After reviewing all of our event guidelines, you are encouraged to apply by completing the application above. ​ When is the deadline? The 2023 application deadline is Friday, March 11th. ​ How will I know if I am accepted? Confirmation will be sent to the email you provide on your application. ​ How many artists will there be? The event is limited to a maximum of 25 artists. ​ How do you select your featured artists? Featured artists are mindfully selected to ensure representation of local artisans, unique and quality original pieces, and a diverse offering of mediums including, but not limited to, photography, jewelry, pottery, sculpture, glass, wood, florals, paintings, and watercolors. ​ What is the fee to participate? We do not charge an exhibitor fee. However, participating artists must agree to donate 25% of gross sales made during the event . Please review our purchase/sales and checkout procedures below . ​ What does my donation support? A Taste for Art is Children & Families First's premiere annual fundraising event. 100% of the net proceeds go directly to support our mission and work throughout Delaware. ​ How will the event be promoted? Beginning in February of 2023 and carrying through to event day our results-driven promotional strategy includes a dedicated event webpage, save the dates and invitations, e-newsletters, print ads and press features, billboards, social media and more. As a featured artist you receive these exposure benefits. ​ Where is the event? A Taste for Art is an INDOOR event held at Riverfront Events, 706 Justison Street, Wilmington, DE. ​ How are spaces assigned? Our event layout ensures good shopping flow, visibility, and separation of similar mediums. Each exhibitor will be assigned a dedicated area with adequate space for the display and sale of your art. ​ What are the event hours? 6:00pm to 10:00pm ​ Does the artist need to be on-site? YES! As the creator, our guests are excited to speak with you and learn about your work, creative process, and inspirations. You or a representative must be present at your exhibit for the duration of the event. ​ When is set-up? Set-up takes place in shifts between 12:00pm and 3:00pm on event day. Instructions will be sent via email two weeks prior to event day and volunteers will be available to assist. ​ What will CFF provide? The event will provide adequate space in the main ballroom, a linen covered table, chair, and signage. You may opt to request that we also provide one 8ft x4ft pegboard with hooks, a 2nd chair, electricity. ​ What am I required to bring? Your artwork of course! Beyond that and depending on your desired set-up you will need to bring your own hanging/display equipment, lighting, electrical cords, surge protectors, and any signage or decor to promote yourself. Please note: All art work, display, and storage cannot go beyond your exhibitor space. ​ What if I need support during the event? Children & Families First upholds a firm commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and respect for all individuals in everything we do, and ask for the same from all who join us. Should you be exposed to or become aware, at any time during our event, of hate speech, disrespectful words, or inappropriate/aggressive behavior please notify one of our staff members immediately, as that individual will be required to leave. ​ Will there be food and drinks for the artists? YES! Your admission to the event is complimentary and you are welcome to enjoy the offerings of the evening, understanding that it is important not to leave your station empty for long periods of time as it will adversely affect your sales success. Can I bring a guest? We're glad you asked! Your admission to the event is complimentary. In gratitude for your participation, each artist has the option of purchasing ONE general admission guest ticket at the discounted rate of $75pp - and we will send you a special link via email prior to the event. Any additional guests you wish to invite will need to purchase their tickets at full price. ​ How will purchases/art sales be handled? IMPORTANT! Exhibitors are responsible for ALL sales of their art. The event will not provide a guest check out station. Guests will choose any piece(s) they wish to purchase and pay you directly at your space . ​ It ensures at the end of the evening you have been paid in full for your art sales and there is no delay. It gives you a better opportunity to increase your customer base and engage with your consumers. It reduces paperwork/invoicing and streamlines processes for all. It accommodates for safety recognizing the impacts of COVID-19, eliminating guests standing in lines. It expedites event closure removing the time delays caused by long check-out lines. It makes your 25% contribution a fully tax-deductible donation to our 501c3. ​ What types of payment can I accept? That decision is up to you. You are welcome to accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, etc. but you must come prepared with the technology, petty cash, and so on, to conduct all transactions at your space, as each exhibitor is responsible for their own sales this year. ​ How do I make my 25% of sales donation? We will provide each exhibitor with a sales sheet to easily record all sales made during the event. Sheets will be collected by event staff at the end of the night and each artist will receive a copy for their records. We will use these sheets to tally your total sales and invoice you for your 25% contribution after the event. ​ Do I need insurance? Although not required, we strongly recommend you secure your own insurance. The event has liability insurance but it DOES NOT cover you or your work. ​ Do I need a business license? No. We do not require any licensure, business, vendor, or otherwise to participate in the event. ​ How and when will the event close? The event and all sales will end promptly at 10:00pm. Event staff will come to your space to collect your sales sheet and provide instruction on breakdown procedures. To ensure safety exhibitors will not be allowed to remove displays or pull their vehicles up to the main entrance until the last guest has exited the event successfully . Volunteers will be available to help you pack up, transport, and load your vehicles. ​ Who do I contact with questions? We understand you may have other questions and we're happy to provide answers because our success depends on your success! Please contact Event Coordinator, Steff DiMartine by phone 302-750-0519 or email . ​ Check Out Procedures Questions? Steff DiMartine, Event Coordinator 302-750-0159

  • Head Start Early Childhood Education | cffde

    TÈT K STARTMANSE DELAWARE Enspire yon renmen bonè nan aprantisaj ki prepare pitit ou a boujonnen nan lekòl la ak lavi yo Head Start ak Early Head Start se bon kalite pwogram edikasyon pou timoun piti ki fèt jiska 5 an, yo ofri yo gratis pou fanmi ki kalifye yo. Nou anbrase divèsite ak akeyi timoun ak fanmi ki gen tout orijin ak kapasite, ki gen ladan moun ki gen bezwen espesyal. Aksepte aplikasyon yo pandan tout ane a, anplwaye nou yo pale anglè, panyòl ak kreyòl byen. Enskri jodi a epi bay pitit ou yon Head Start! ​ PWOGRAM NOU YO Pou manman yo dwe ... Nou vin jwenn ou ak sèvis ak sipò atravè pwogram Enfimyè Patenarya Fanmi nou yo ak Healthy Families Delaware pou asire ke w ap resevwa nitrisyon ou bezwen pou sipòte devlopman ti bebe w la, epi anseye ou fason pou ede pitit ou aprann epi grandi apre yo fin fèt . ​ Pou timoun ki fèt jiska twa ... Nou ofri Head Start Early-Home-Based ak Center-based pou ede ou nouri kiryozite pitit ou a, ranfòse lyen ou youn ak lòt, epi etabli woutin ki an sekirite, ki estab ki asire pitit ou rive nan etap enpòtan devlopman yo lè yo pare. ​ Pou timoun twa a senk ... Nou akeyi pitit ou a nan lekòl matènèl Head Start ki baze sou salklas ki kontinye jiskaske pitit ou a gen 5 an epi li ale nan jadendanfan. Timoun yo aprann pi byen nan jwe ak objektif nou se enspire yon lanmou pou aprantisaj ki prepare yo pou siksè nan lekòl la ak lavi yo. SÈVIS NOU Edikasyon: Nou ede timoun yo grandi sosyalman, emosyonèlman, ak entelektyèlman lè yo itilize eksperyans aprantisaj amizan. Sante: Nou bay sèvis medikal, dantè, nitrisyonèl, ak devlopman ak byennèt. Angajman Paran: Nou angaje fanmi ki gen opòtinite lidèchip, planifikasyon pwogram ak wòl volontè. Sipò pou Fanmi: Nou konekte fanmi yo ak resous ak sipò ki ede tout moun rete an sante ak pwospere. KOTE SANT NOU Nou gen 13 fasilman sitiye Head Start Sant nan Kent ak Sussex. Plus opsyon nan transpò pou ale ak pou soti nan kay ou. ​ - White Oak Sant, Dover - Kolonyal Gardens Center, Dover - Harrington Sant, Harrington - Smyrna Sant, Smyrna - Cool Springs, Milton - Stockley Sant, Georgetown - Sant Anèks, Georgetown - Milford Sant, Milford - Bridgeville Sant, Bridgeville - Seaford Sant, Seaford - Dunbar Sant, Laurel - Laurel Center, Laurel - Sid Delaware Sant, Selbyville ​ Sèvis ki baze nan kay yo disponib nan Sussex. SÈVIS GRATIS Head Start / Early Head Start bay sèvis GRATIS pou laj ak revni timoun ki kalifye ak fanmi yo. Elijibilite detèmine ki baze sou youn oswa plis nan anba a: ​ - Aplikan yo dwe ansent oswa gen yon timoun 0 a 5 ane fin vye granmoun - Fanmi ki satisfè direktiv revni etabli yo - Fanmi ki resevwa benefis TANF ak / oswa SSI - Fanmi ki patisipe nan sistèm swen adoptif la - Fanmi ki san kay - Fanmi ki gen timoun andikape ak / oswa bezwen espesyal ​ Klike sou isit la pou yon lis dokiman w ap bezwen. VLE APRANN PLIS OSWA APLIKE? Klike sou bouton ki anba a epi ranpli fòm lan. Youn nan defansè fanmi nou yo ap kontakte ou pou: - Reponn kesyon ou yo - Fè w konnen plis sou sa nou ofri pitit ou ak fanmi ou - Detèmine kalifikasyon pitit ou a - Gide ou nan pwosesis aplikasyon an. KLIKE ISIT POU APRANN PLIS APLICA YA KESYON? Ou bezwen pale ak yon moun? Rele nou nan 302-934-1642 oswa imèl nou nan .

  • CAPACITY GRANT | cffde

    PWOGRAM GRATIS KAPASITE Amelyorasyon kalite estrateji asistans teknik ak resous sibvansyon pou pwogram swen ki gen lisans The Capacity Program is on hold! Check back soon! Timoun ak Fanmi Premyèman, an konjonksyon avèk Depatman Edikasyon Delaware, kontan pou bay resous sibvansyon pou amelyorasyon kalite ak estrateji asistans teknik ki asosye atravè Kapasite Sibvansyon an. Sibvansyon sa yo akòde nan pwogram ki kalifye ki gen lisans pou swen timoun yo nan lòd yo amelyore kalite swen pou timoun ak ogmante rezèv la nan swen nan zòn kote li limite. (...) KATEGORI FINANSMAN SIB Prim Sibvansyon Kapasite yo gen entansyon bay resous ki pral amelyore kalite swen nan pwogram yo, ak bati rezèv la nan swen pou timoun ki nan rezèv limite nan youn oswa tout domèn sa yo: Timoun ki bezwen swen pandan lè ki pa tradisyonèl yo (defini kòm swen bezwen yon minimòm inèdtan anvan 7:00 am, jiskaske yon minimòm inèdtan apre 6:00 pm, ak / oswa swen ki nesesè nan wikenn) Timoun ki ap aprann lang angle; Timoun ki gen bezwen espesyal (defini kòm timoun ki gen yon IFSP, IEP, 504 ak / oswa yon plan sante konpòtmantal oswa mantal jan yon espesyalis konpile); Tibebe ak timoun piti (defini kòm nesans jiska 36 mwa). ENFAS sou zòn ki gen gwo bezwen yo ak enskripsyon POC: Pwojè a pral chache elaji oswa amelyore swen ki san danje, an sante, ak apwopriye, ak yon anfaz sou sèvi timoun ki pa gen anpil revni nan zòn ki gen anpil bezwen yo. Tanpri gade nou Gid pou Sibvansyon Kapasite yo dokiman pou detay sou zòn ki gen gwo bezwen ak enskripsyon POC kòm yon pousantaj nan total enskripsyon pwogram total. (...) PRENT SUBVANSYON 2021 KAPASITE Dat enpòtan | Dat limit aplikasyon: Prentan 2021 Kapasite Sibvansyon Aplikasyon an ap louvri Lendi, 15 Mas, 2021 Aplikasyon yo dwe resevwa pa pita pase midi nan Vandredi, 16 avril, 2021. Tout pwogram dwe ranpli yon aplikasyon epi soumèt li nan dat limit la afiche pou konsiderasyon finansman. (...) Kondisyon pou Kalifikasyon | Ki moun ki ka aplike? Kalifye pwogram swen timoun ki gen lisans nan tout twa konte yo nan eta Delaware. Pwogram gadri a dwe patisipe aktivman nan Delaware Stars oswa Bridge to Stars. Pwogram gadri a dwe ranpli lòt kondisyon espesifik sou kalifikasyon jan sa endike nan dokiman Gid pou Sibvansyon Kapasite nou an. (...) Dokiman Obligatwa | Ki sa ki Soumèt? Aplikasyon yo dwe bay yon plan detaye ki endike bezwen pou finansman ki gen ladan spesifik sou ki jan yo pral itilize finansman an, ak ki jan amelyorasyon yo oswa amelyorasyon pral kreye fant oswa amelyore kapasite yo bay swen nan Kategori yo Finansman vize idantifye nan tèt la nan paj la. Aplikasyon yo oblije genyen ladan yo yon terminée Grant Aplikasyon AK Sipleman Aplikasyon . Aplikasyon yo revize pa Kapasite Grant Komite a Advisory epi yo pa garanti yo dwe apwouve.

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