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Pregnancy help for first-time moms. Our free personal nurses will be there for you during your pregnancy and
after your delivery for support.

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The Value in Nurse-Family Partnership:

On average, research has shown that NFP provides a family with over $9,500 worth of services for FREE!

FREE with NFP Enrollment!

Lactation/Breastfeeding Nurse can cost $120-$300 per session

FREE with NFP Enrollment!

Birthing and Lamaze Class cost
$110 per session

Perinatal of Pediatric Nurse can
cost about
$30 an hour

FREE with NFP Enrollment!

“NFP has been around for a while, and I think that it is a program that helps first time moms especially when they are young. Sometimes they don’t have family support, so they need outside support to help fill in informational gaps and connect them to care in the community that’s already out there for them to use.“ - C. Clark ; Henrietta Johnson Medical Center

Here’s how The Nurse-Family Partnership works:


If you are expecting your first child and have not reached 28 weeks or pregnancy you may qualify for this program. If enrolled your nurse will visit every week or two during your pregnancy, all the way through your child's second birthday. You and your nurse will decided the exact schedule. During these visits your nurse will provide service including but not limited to:


  • Developing healthy habits during and post pregnancy

  • Identify danger sings/risk during your pregnancy

  • Labor and delivery expectation and preparation

  • Learning to identify your baby's needs

  • Lactation and breastfeeding

  • Discuss and explore emotional refueling

  • Providing information and assistance regarding your child's development

  • Making sure you and your child are connected with medical care

  • Discuss and explore family planning and goals

  • Linking you with other resources in the community for help with job placement

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“I enrolled because my doctor said it was a good program for first time moms. And I really don’t know what I was doing when it comes to having a baby so I thought that they could help. I love this program! My nurse is very helpful. She goes over information and makes sure I get it. She makes sure that me and the baby are healthy and happy. She gives me really good advice. I’ve even referred other people to this program.“ - B. Charles, Wilmington


FREE with NFP Enrollment!