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What is Seaford House?

The Seaford House Therapeutic Residence is a therapeutic group home for youth involved with the Department of Services for Children Youth and Their Families (DSCYF).  It serves youth between the ages of 11 and 17 who have not been able to remain in their family homes, foster homes, traditional group homes or have been placed out of state.


The Seaford House provides a safe environment for these youth to grow and flourish.  It is staffed with caring adults who have years of experience and training that help meet the youths' emotional, behavioral, and social needs while still providing a normalized developmental experience.


Services Offered:

The program provides a vast array of services and engages in collaborative partnerships with community partners to meet the needs of the youths residing at Seaford House.  The program offers:

  • behavior management

  • skill building

  • recreational activities

  • crisis prevention and intervention

  • mentoring

  • nursing 

  • case management services.

Seaford House works in collaboration with the local Seaford School District to allow the youth to attend the public schools and has partnerships with medical and health programs to attend to the youths' physical and emotional health.

This extensive array of services and partnerships incorporates the high level of services found in residential treatment centers with the normative experience of the home environment.

Each youth receives services unique to their needs and interests.



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