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Keeping families together and keeping children out of foster care.


CFF partners with the Delaware Division of Family Services to provide FAIR to help keep families together and children out of foster care.  The FAIR program responds to hotline reports of abuse and neglect for children aged 0-17.

The FAIR program focuses on engaging families with children at risk of abuse, neglect or dependency which could result in foster care placement.


Families are screened by the DFS hotline.  Cases that are determined to be low to moderate risk are referred to the FAIR program. 

A FAIR worker will discuss the situation that the family is facing, as well as events and actions that may have caused the situation.  Together, the family and FAIR worker will create a plan to keep children safe and improve the family unit.


The FAIR program ensures child safety at all times and assists the family to decrease risk factors.

Most services are provided in the home and in the community.

Participation in FAIR is voluntary.  Families can choose whether or not to participate.  If a family chooses not to participate, CFF will refer the family back to DFS.



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