If you are greater than 29 weeks pregnant with your first baby, pregnant again with your second baby, or
have a newborn less than 3 months old and you could use some help, contact Healthy Families Delaware. 

Want more information? Fill out our Contact Form and a Family Support Specialist will answer all your questions!


Call 800-220-3092 to speak with a Family Support Specialist.

Families, who feel like the program is a good fit, can refer themselves using the Contact Form. Health care providers, schools, and social service agencies can also refer using the Agency Referral Form.  A Family Support Specialist will determine final eligibility.

How Does the Program Work?

First, you’ll meet with a Nurse or Family Support Specialist who will make sure you qualify for the free program. Once enrolled, she’ll visit you regularly.  If you are pregnant, she will make sure you are healthy and are doing everything you can do to have a healthy baby. 


If you’ve already had your baby, she’ll make sure you and your baby are healthy and receiving the appropriate services you might need.  Your Nurse or Family Support Specialist will continue to see you regularly until your baby’s third birthday.

Healthy Families Delaware staff will:

  • Help you learn to identify your baby's needs.

  • Help you have a healthy pregnancy. 

  • Provide you with information on nutrition.

  • Provide information and support on breastfeeding.

  • Offer information and support on postpartum depression.

  • Discuss whether your baby's sleep environment is safe. 

  • Provide information on general care of newborns.

  • Find activities and resources for babies and families in your community.

  • Prepare your child for a school setting. 

  • Set and meet individual goals, as well as, help set goals for your family and plan for your future.