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We are committed to supporting child care professionals.

AccessCare Child Care Referral Database

We encourage you to list your child care program on CFF’s database free of charge!  While we cannot guarantee that you will receive referrals, through our referrals services and other educational programs, we connect hundreds of families each year to child care programs just like yours.  It is a great way to get the word out to parents that are looking for care.  Information from our database is also used for various statistical purposes.


  • Click here to see a sample of the profiles available to families. 


There are three easy ways to list or update your program's information.


  • Fill out our Online Form

  • Print an Intake/Update Form and mail or fax it to us

  • Call 800-734-2388 to speak with a team member to update your information over the phone.


Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis identifies the supply of available child care in a specified area including the number of slots, the ages served, hours of operation, program features, and weekly cost.  This information can be useful as part of a needs assessment and/or business plan for new and expanding child care businesses.

  • Click here to request a competitive analysis of your area. 

Questions? Contact us at 800-734-2388


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