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Children & Families First, in collaboration with Wilmington University, offers training to the public on trauma, brain science, its impact on our communities, and how individuals and groups can support persons affected by trauma.

The initial training is an interactive 3 hour workshop that serves as an introduction to understanding the impact of traumatic events on a person’s development, individual relationships, day-to-day interactions and their overall success in life.  Any persons or agencies interested in training their staff, volunteers, or the general public may request a training. In addition to the 3 hour general training course, one hour add-on modules are available on specific populations.

Understanding trauma can save lives, build resiliency, and inspire dreams.

Participants will learn:

  • different types of traumatic events

  • various signs of traumatic events

  • the impact of trauma on brain structure, development, and functioning

  • how to prevent and overcome trauma

  • introductory steps for trauma-informed organizations

  • where to find additional information to learn more about trauma

In addition to the foundational training, we offer the opportunity for ongoing training to align trauma-informed care principles with the organization’s mission and support plans including:

  • Implementation consultation

  • Training of key leaders and management

  • Supportive evaluations and feedback


What People Are Saying...

Excellent! Love how things were explained!

The training was great and informative!

Awesome training, I really enjoy the presenters and the information provided!

Great training!

For more information about The Brain Science Training Institute call 302-545-0689


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