The Strengthening Families Program is a family skills training program for parents and their children.  The program is based on studies that show children grow up best when parents/caregivers communicate, provide emotional support and practice consistent discipline.  Participants learn to make these two concepts the foundation of their family life.


Each session begins with families enjoying a meal together.  Parents and children then break into separate group with children divided according to age.  Families come back together and have the opportunity to practice what they learned in their groups.



































What happens in the parent groups?

Parent sessions include discussions and lessons that focus on:

  • Children's developmental stages

  • Importance of family meetings

  • Giving clear directions

  • Rewards for positive behavior

  • Reduction of at-risk behaviors

  • Problem solving

  • Discipline and limit setting techniques

What happens in the youth groups?

Youth sessions focus on building skills:

  • Listening

  • Communicating

  • Problem solving

  • Managing anger

  • Dealing with pressure



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