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The Behavioral Health Consultant Program is a free program providing appropriate mental health access to middle school students and their families.  The program, in public and charter middle schools throughout the state of Delaware, provides short term and supportive counseling to students and family. BHCs are encouraged to work as a member of the school’s team, providing mental health consultation to teachers and administrators working with students with mental health difficulties.

Students working with a Behavioral Health Consultant learn to: 

  • Improve grades

  • Handle stress

  • Manage emotions

  • Make positive choices

  • Build friendships

  • Avoid discipline

  • Better communicate

  • Navigate a crisis

The BHC Program is a team effort between your child's school and Children & Families First

to provide:

  • Licensed, trained, caring counselors

  • Short-term and supportive counseling

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Crisis Assessments

  • Referral to community resources

  • Supports for the whole family

Behavioral Health Consultants can be found in the following Delaware middle schools:


  • Bayard Middle School

  • Eastside Charter School

  • Gauger-Cobbs Middle School

  • George Reed Middle School

  • Great Oaks Charter

  • Gunning Bedford Middle School

  • H.B duPont Middle School

  • Kirk Middle School

  • Kuumba Academy

  • McCullough Middle School

  • P.S. DuPont Middle School

  • Shue-Medill Middle School

  • Skyline Middle School

  • Stanton Middle School

  • Talley Middle School

  • Thomas Edison Charter School


  • Central Middle School

  • Chipman Middle School

  • William Henry Middle School

  • Milford Central Academy

  • Postlethwait Middle School

  • Redding Middle School

  • Smyrna Middle School


  • Beacon Middle School

  • Delmar Middle School

  • Georgetown Middle School

  • Mariner Middle School

  • Seaford Middle School

  • Selbyville Middle School

  • Woodbridge Middle School

Have questions or looking for additional information about the program? Please CONTACT US.

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