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The research is clear. Early childhood experiences impact development and life-long potential. Children thrive in families that are nurturing, resilient and self-sufficient. When our children thrive, our whole community is strengthened. Please help us celebrate our 135th birthday with a gift that celebrates our legacy, and invests in the prevention, intervention and healing that gives all children the opportunity to reach their full potential.

A legacy 135 years in the making... 

Child abuse, neglect and family instability cause trauma that negatively impacts the present and future. Unaddressed, it can devastate individuals, families and communities. Our approach, anchored in the indisputable facts of brain science, ensures we provide the best and most appropriate services to continue meeting the evolving needs of our community.


Our legacy reflects a deep and enduring commitment that has made our name our promise. For 135 years we have transformed lives and futures. Today, we are proud to be Children & Families First, helping over 30,000 individuals statewide each year. Because, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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