It only takes one person or one family to change a child's life forever.  Is that you?

Adoption is making a lifetime commitment to a child, and each year, there are more and more kids in foster care waiting for a forever family than there are families or individuals willing to adopt them. It's a big step, but you won't go through it alone. CFF staff can support you and answer your questions every step of the way.

Children & Families First can also provide assistance with and information about:

  • Your options if you are pregnant, including the option to make an adoption plan.  Click here for more information on Choosing Adoption.

  • Second parent adoptions (completion of the Social Investigation and Report required by Family Court for stepparents and relatives to adopt children).

  • Post-adoption services (support services provided to all families in Delaware who have adopted or obtained permanent guardianship)

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Llame al 800-220-3092 o

302-658-5177 para hablar con un especialista en adopción.


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Las sesiones de información sobre adopción y cuidado de crianza se llevan a cabo el tercer miércoles de cada mes, puntualmente a las 6:00 p.m. Actualmente, las sesiones se ofrecen mediante teleconferencia. Número de conferencia telefónica: 712-451-0011 Número de acceso: 744567

Fechas de las sesiones de 2020: 18 de noviembre y 16 de diciembre.

Adoptive Parents Are Expected To:

  • Protect and nurture children

  • Meet the developmental needs of children

  • Support relationships between children and their birth families

  • Participate as essential and effective members of a professional team

  • Make a lifetime commitment to a child

Available Services:

  • Counseling and support services throughout the process: from family assessment (home study) to a child joining your family until the adoption is finalized.  Finalization is usually completed after the child has been with your family for a minimum of six months. Delaware children who have been in the foster care system receive Medicaid benefits until age 18, even after they are adopted; this covers health benefits and the cost of counseling. Some children with specialized needs may receive an additional subsidy until age 18.  

  • Post-adoption Services, including training and assistance with referrals for ongoing support 

Adoption Information and Resources: