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How will you champion children & families?

I want to INVEST in children & families

As a non-profit organization we rely on the generosity of our donors to sustain and grow our supports for Delaware's children and their families.

Make a donation

Join our monthly givers

Support a special fund

I want to CELEBRATE children & families

Thriving children and families is something we should all celebrate. You can be a vital part of that by attending, sponsoring, or even hosting a fundraiser.

Attend an event

Sponsor an event

Host an event for us

I want to WORK for children & families

One of our most priceless resources is the gift of time and talent we receive from the individuals committed to living our mission through action.

Apply for a Job


Find an Internship

I want to LEARN about trauma

Understanding how trauma adversely affects our whole community empowers all of us to lead the positive change we want to see happen. 


Brain Science Training

EDI Workshops

Policy Advocacy

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