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Some clichés exist for good reason: in helping others, you help yourself. Compassion is a core means of being trauma-informed - understanding an individual's values, feelings and experiences. Kindness is an act of compassion - one that brings equal benefit to the giver and receiver. 

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The start of a new year often feels like a fresh start. Many see this as the perfect opportunity to make a list of bad habits they wish to resolve as the new year rolls in. New Year’s resolutions are a tradition to most, where a person decides to change an undesired trait or behavior, accomplish a goal, or improve their life in some way.

New Year Celebrations

We've all been there... Sitting around the dinner table and a conversation starts on a topic that you wish not to contribute to. You think to yourself, how can I avoid this? Even with the best intentions of everyone, things can quickly leave you feeling uncomfortable.


At CFF, we acknowledge how important open and honest communication is - even when you're asked those awkward questions or end up in an overwhelming discussion with a loved one.

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Black History Month
World Day of Social Justice

February 2022

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 2022

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We've all been there. You ask "How was your day?" and the response is "good" or "all right" and the conversation stops. It can be hard to know what to say or do next.


At CFF, we know open, effective communication between caregivers and children is a proven method to build self-esteem, promote responsibility, and strengthen relationships.

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