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Our commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of children and their families has made our name our promise. Each month we're Keeping Our Promise to you - sharing knowledge and providing vital connections on how brain science, prevention, and intervention principles create opportunity for positive change in all our lives. 

  • October 2022 - Bullying Prevention Month Read

  • September 2022 - Let's Talk About Sex(ual) Health Read

  • August 2022 - The Infamous Inadequacy of "I'm Sorry." Read

  • July 2022 - Does What You Do Really Make a Difference? Read

  • June 2022 - The Toxicity of Being Tough on Men's Health and Well-Being. Read

  • May 2022 - Women's Health Month. Self-care is the least selfish thing a mom can do! Read

  • April 2022  - National Volunteer Month. Go beyond the traditional volunteer roles. Read

  • March 2022 - Brain Awareness Week. Take care of YOU and your brain! Read

  • February 2022 - Random Acts of Kindness. In a world where you can be anything... BE KIND! Read

  • January 2022 - Small Changes = Big Results. Tips to make the most of your New Year's resolutions. Read


Focused specifically on creating the equitable, diverse, and inclusive communities we seek to build, Kaleidoscope is Children & Families First's monthly e-newsletter, compiled by our EDI Committee using the views, voices, and vision of Our CFF Family to increase awareness, understanding, and offer opportunities for action.

  • October 2022 - Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Read

  • September 2022 - Health Equity. Read

  • August 2022 - Civility Month. Read

  • July 2022 - Independence DayRead

  • June 2022 - LGBTQIAA+ Pride Month. Read

  • May 2022 - Mental Health Awareness Month. Read


  • April 2022  - Autism Awareness Month. Read

  • March 2022 - Women's History Month. Read

  • February 2022 - Black History Month / World Day of Social Justice. Read


  • January 2022 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day / Holocaust Remembrance. Read