In the Spring of 2017 Children & Families First partnered with Child Care Aware® of America to work on a project to explore the child care supply and demand in Delaware.  This project enabled us to show Delaware's unique stories via customized maps.  


Each map is geared towards a different set of criteria:

  • Map 1: Supply & Demand 

  • Map 2: Infant/Toddler Care (Supply & Demand)

  • Map 3: POC Subsidy Usage

  • Map 4: Child Care Cost by County


One aspect that we felt was extremely important to show is the level of child care provider participation in Delaware's QRIS program, Delaware Stars.  Participants in the program are color-coded by their Delaware Star Level. Additionally, Child Care Centers are represented as CIRCLES and Family Child Care/Large Family Child Care Providers are SQUARES.  


Our hope is that you examine these maps for your individual needs and perspectives.  They can be used to help direct precious resources to ensure accessibility to quality child care for all children of Delaware.

Interested in seeing maps from other participating states? Click here!


Tips for Navigating the Maps
  • Maps are best viewed using Firefox or Chrome

  • It does take a little bit of time to load.

  • The navigation instructions are located in the introduction to the Supply & Demand Map.

  • Zoom in to see smaller areas and detailed data.

  • Scroll down to show all Providers, and then scroll down more to see only Providers broken down by different DE Star levels.

  • Click on individual Child Care Provider to get Pop-up Box with data fields.

  • Click on arrow at top of provider box or in open any space of zip code to get new Pop-up Box with more Zip Code data fields.

  • Click again on arrow top of box to get new Pop-up Box with more County data fields.