Seaford House is a temporary home and day treatment center for adolescents where therapy goes hand in hand with education. 

 A Brief History


The Seaford House was established in 1983 due to the overwhelming need for 24-hour adolescent care.  Before Seaford House was built, all adolescents in need of residential care received such care at Governor Bacon in Delaware City.


In the early 80s, the State commissioned the opening of 10 residential treatment centers.  Seaford House is one of 6 remaining centers, and one of three non-profit facilities in the State.


The old building was a house located on the corners of High and Market Streets.  The building was torn down and the newly-built Seaford Town Hall stands on that site.  The new Seaford House was built on about 2.5 acres near the Ross Plantation and opened its doors in September 2001.


In 2005, Seaford House expanded its services to include a day treatment program.
This new component allows the agency to help more clients who are able to stay in their home, while attending Seaford House during the day.

Now, in 2016, the changing needs of the State have allowed us to expand our offering to the broader community. We have contracts in place with some carriers and are working to have agreements with all insurances within and around Delaware. If interested in the services of our Seaford House Residential Center, please contact Patience Walker directly at 302-536-5669.