CFF Head Start Reopening Survey for Families
1. I have child(ren) in or hoping to attend (select all that apply)

3.  Your child’s safety is our first priority. We are already planning to take the following steps to keep safety front and center when we re-open our doors:

- Professional deep cleaning of all Centers prior to opening

- Modified drop-off and pick-up schedules to limit traffic

- Temperature and symptom monitoring for all children and staff entering our buildings each day

- Daily disinfecting of all classrooms, equipment & toys, laundering of staff & child cloth masks & bedding

- Smaller class sizes and social distancing practices enforced between classrooms.

With these measures in place, would you feel safe sending your child back to school tomorrow?

4.  To achieve smaller class sizes, we may need to adjust children’s schedules to serve all children. These decisions may need to be made based on staffing and Center cleaning schedules. 

Which of the following schedules would meet your family’s needs the best?
5. At this time, would you prefer your child attend the Head Start Program in person or through remote learning?
6. If a center based slot is not available, would you be interested in a remote learning option?
7. Will your child need transportation to attend the Head Start program?
8. If you do not have access to remote learning, what do you need?
9. Do you need any additional resources or support at this time? (Please select ALL that apply)
10. We will have a food program at our center for children and their families. Would you like to participate in this program?
11. If you would like to participate in the food program, are you able to go to one of the Head Start centers to pick up food or will you need food delivery?
12. Are the adults in your house currently working full-time or in school?
13. Does your child have an IEP/IFSP?
14. Is anyone in your household sick or have symptoms of COVID-19?
16. How would you rate your contact with the CFF Head Start Program since we announced the change?
17. What is your preferred way of being contacted?

18.  Please give us the contact information for how you would like to receive Head Start information.

If you are willing, we would love to have a follow-up conversation with you about your responses. Please provide your contact information below so we can reach out.


We have received your responses.