Since 1884, Children & Families First has strengthened Delaware Families and communities.The Friends Campaign is a vital source of unrestricted dollars that allows CFF to touch the lives of thousands of Delaware children and families each year.


The Friends Campaign is Children & Families First’s Annual Campaign and is CFF’s primary source of unrestricted support.  Gifts from individuals and matching gifts from corporations allow our Board of Directors to target funds where need is greatest.

Why is my participation important?

Your tax deductible contribution will ensure that vulnerable Delaware children are able to reach their full potential by receiving the help they need at critical times in their lives.  Our quality programs have measurable outcomes to make certain funds are making a difference.  Collaboration and partnerships with other providers in our community avoid duplication of services so every dollar is well-spent.

Gifts to The Friends Campaign come in all sizes!  Regardless of amount, every gift is gratefully received and will be wisely used.

How much should I give?


Your gift will help CFF target funds where they are needed most.