The school, community-based organizations, and other resources come together to ensure a better learning environment for children.

Program Outcomes:

  • Children arrive at school healthy, energized, and prepared to learn.

  • Student learning improves.

  • Student attendance improves.

  • Students have improved behavior and youth development.

  • Parent and family participation – in their children’s education and in the school – increases.

  • Families have more opportunities and support in caring for and helping to educate their children, and in contributing to their community.

As parents become more involved in the life of their child’s school, their support promotes academic success, enhances their skills and potential, and increases positive interactions within school families. 

Parent Workshops and Activities

  • Financial literacy

  • Consumer issues

  • Child development

  • Special education

  • Nutrition


Current Community Partners 
Who provide workshops and informative sessions for adults include:

  • Food Bank of Delaware

  • University of Delaware

  • West End Neighborhood House

  • Christiana Care Health Services

  • YMCA

  • The Culture Restoration Project

Current Community Projects: Bancroft Elementary Video - My City Needs Something


The Culture Restoration Project was brought on as a contractor for Bancroft Bridge Afterschool Program. The program allowed 5th-grade students an enrichment opportunity to assist in boosting their IM40 assets in order to help prepare them for middle school. Although it was designed ideally for 5th-grade students, 4th-grade students were allowed to participate.


The students wrote their own lyrics, turned it into a song and create a video. They were given the assignment to think of something in their neighborhood they would like to change. For 4 weeks the Bancroft students worked to complete the task.