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Children & Families First has been awarded a contract by The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services to provide quality improvement technical assistance strategies and grant resources to licensed child care programs to increase the supply of child care in areas where it is limited.



  • Details about upcoming application deadlines are in the process of being determined and will be posted here once they have been finalized.


Applications must be received no later than NOON the day of the deadline. Details regarding address, fax and email for submitting your application are located on the Capacity Grant Guidelines document. 

All programs must complete an application and submit it by the posted deadline for funding consideration.  Applications are reviewed by the Capacity Grant Advisory Committee and are not guaranteed to be approved.  Applications must provide a detailed plan indicating the need for funding that includes specifics on how the funding will be used, and how the improvements or enhancements will create slots or enhance ability to provide care in the “Targeted Funding Categories” shown below.  Details on the application process can be found on the Capacity Grant Guidelines document.



The Capacity Grant awards are intended to provide resources that will enhance the quality of care in programs, and build the supply of child care that are in limited supply in one or all of the following areas:  

  • Children who need care during non-traditional hours (defined as care needed a minimum of one hour prior to 7:00 a.m., until a minimum of one hour after 6:00 p.m., and/or care needed on weekends)

  • Children who are English language learners;

  • Children with special needs (defined as children with an IFSP, IEP, 504 and/or a behavioral or mental health plan as compiled by a specialist);

  • Infants and toddlers (defined as birth up to 36 months).




The project will seek to expand or enhance care that is safe, healthy, and appropriate, with an emphasis on serving low-income children in high needs areas.  Please see our Capacity Grant Guidelines document for details about high needs areas and POC enrollment as a percentage of overall program enrollment totals.



The Capacity Grant is available to licensed child care programs in all three counties of the state of Delaware.  The child care program must be actively participating in Delaware Stars.  The child care program must meet additional specific eligibility requirements as outlined in our Capacity Grant Guidelines document.